Infrared Light Treatment

If there is one thing I’ve learnt over the years, and continue to learn as I progress, is the importance of recovery.

As a competitive man this has been one of the most difficult things to overcome and be sure to focus on. For sure I will still overdo it and injure myself. It’s somehow part of my nature. But the more I focus on recovery, the less injuries I incur.

This is why I chose to invest in an infrared light treatment which I use daily for at least 10 minutes. And more often depending on how much exercise I have done.

As with most of my supplemental practices, I first learned about this from my podcast friends. And then followed their recommendation as to the brand to use. They have already done the research, so even though I will naturally research these products, I am confident in the effectiveness and integrity of the brand I choose due to the connections with such influential health experts.

This is why my brand of choice is Joovv.

Infrared products are expensive. So there is no point trying to cut costs if you choose to go into this direction. There may be cheaper products around, but are they as effective and trusted as Joovv. Maybe, maybe not. But Joovv has a fantastic quality record, awesome customer service, and an expandable product which allows you to test slowly before expanding.

Naturally I could write about the effects of infrared light therapy. But I prefer you read it from the Joovv science experts here.

My Infrared Journey

Due to the aforementioned high price point of these products, I began with the Joovv Mini. This device is approximately 38cm tall and 20cm wide.

When I first received the Solo device, I began a daily ritual of revolving around the device for 10 minute sessions around my upper legs and hips. After a very short time I noticed such a profound difference in my recovery that I increased this x 5 so I could cover my whole body.

This was quite intense and took me almost an hour per day. But because I felt such amazing benefit from this, it wasn’t difficult to continue the practice.

However it wasn’t long before I decided to expand my setup and buy a Solo to go with my Mini, making the Half-Max. With the Half-Max