The Power of Regret

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Jordan Harbinger 625 with Daniel Pink

We all have regrets. Anybody who says they do not is either lying, or is potentially some kind of sociopath. Our automatic assumption when we think about regrets is one of negativity. But in fact regrets are easily transformed into positives which shape our future and make us a better person.

In this interview with Daniel Pink, best selling author of The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward, you will learn:

  • That regrets are a fundamental important part of being human which should be embraced.
  • How to understand regrets to bring greater meaning to your life.
  • The four core regrets we all have, and the insights they give us to find a better path.
  • How to reshape regrets as a positive force to propel us, rather than a shameful thought we carry around like a burden forever.
  • How knowing what we regret most allows us to focus clearly to avoid repeating what made it happen in the first place.

I came away from this podcast feeling lighter and released of historical burden. Thinking about the regrets I have had in my life, and things I have done wrong. But most importantly, how I learned from those regrets to ensure I never made the same mistakes, ultimately growing to become a better person.

Sometimes to move forward in life, you need to look back and reflect on the things which are uncomfortable and you are not so proud of. Only by doing so can you let those things go, to put them behind you once and for all.

Become uncomfortable in your thoughts by facing your past firmly in the face. Study them hard, maybe shed a tear or two. Then come back smarter and stronger than ever.

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