The Nutrient That Makes Your Brain & Skin Younger

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The Genius Life Episode 16 with Dr. William Sears MD.

When you think of salmon in the wild, a picture is brought to mind as the above. Salmon fighting hard to get back upstream to where they were born so they can continue the survival of their species and lineage. If you think about farmed salmon, by sheer nature of the process, the fish are obviously contained within a fixed space by large silos or other methods.

Shown clearly here is the difference in colour between wild and farmed salmon:

The dark pink salmon on the right is wild caught and extremely high in levels of astaxanthin. Salmon obtain the astaxanthin from the food they eat being mainly krill and small fish, which have eaten algae containing astaxanthin. As the salmon swims upstream, working hard against the tide, going through all of that effort and adversity, the astaxanthin is activated to protect the fish from the oxidative damage caused through such a stressful last part of its journey.

In this Genius Life podcast, Max talks to Dr. William Sears, MD. A Harvard trained pediatrician who’s written more than 40 best selling books, and is a world leading expert on this miracle algae found in nature.

As well as learning how astaxanthin is produced, you will also learn:

  • How Astaxanthin repairs and strengthens collagen, reduces external aging, and has direct benefits for the brain, eyes, skin, heart and arteries.
  • What oxidation does to our bodies, and why we need anti-oxidants such as Astaxanthin to help repair damage.
  • How compounds within wild salmon match those within our brain, such as omega 3, DHA, EPA, B12, choline and selenium to name but a few.
  • Why the fatty acid chains of omega 3’s from wild salmon are healthier and easier to metabolise by the liver than omega 3’s from plant sources.
  • The hypothesis that one of the main reasons for hominids evolutionary increase in brain size was when our ancestors moved from inland Africa to the sea coasts.
  • How astaxanthin can protect your skin from the sun, and help with muscle repair.
  • The best sources for buying wild salmon.

To leave you with a quote from Dr. Sears: “Eat Genius foods; wild salmon, smoothies, salads with spices specifically turmeric and black pepper.”

There is much to learn from this discussion. So dig in and enjoy while you have a slice of sockeye salmon straight from Alaska.

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