The Bitter Truth About Sugar and How It’s Killing You

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The Genius Life 219

In this discussion with Max’s wonderful assistant Sydney, Max explains in his usual communicable way the different types of sugar, what they are called, and how they metabolise inside your body. Most importantly he explains how food companies hide added sugar in their ingredients list with a vast range of different names.

When looking at food products in the supermarket, it is important to not be fooled by the marketing and labelling on the front of the packaging. Even the nutritional profile can be misleading. Especially in Hong Kong where bizarrely and frustratingly the detailed nutrient profiling on the imported packaging, is overlaid with a Hong Kong nutrient profile with far less information.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to identify hidden sugar on nutrition labels by recognising the different names food companies use.
  • There is no dietary requirement for added sugar. Literally none!
  • How added sugar affects blood sugar levels, which may cause spikes in blood pressure.
  • Why added sugar lowers testosterone levels, gives you poor oral health, and increases your hunger.
  • Why sugar from whole foods is different to added sugar, and is in fact some of the best nutrient dense slow burning carbohydrates.
  • Tips for reducing blood sugar spikes, such as adding vinegar and cinnamon into your diet.
  • And of course much much more………

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