The Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

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If you are what you eat. If the constituent parts of your body are made up of the foods you ingest, then the meat that comes from the animals you eat is also made up of the constituent parts of the food they eat.

A Cows Natural Diet

Logical thinking should intersect with everything you learn. There is so much information in the ether these days that it’s important to apply your own critical thinking to subjects being learned about.

So when you think about a cow’s natural environment, the only place for that to be is in a field grazing all day on lush green grass. Cows have a special digestive system which assimilates grass into the protein they carry on their body. Therefore grass fed beef is actually fully vegan, as the cows have only eaten grass all of their lives.

Feedlot Cows

The industrialised protein system however has a system which raises cows on unnatural feed such as soy, corn and grain. Furthermore, because these cows are often kept in contained environments, they are also fed hormones and antibiotics to help them stay disease free as well as speed up their growth.

Imagine the difference in the muscle and body composition of a cow which has been naturally allowed to roam a field and graze on grass all of its life, versus a cow which has been kept in a feedlot, unable to move, and fed food all day for it to grow.

Speed of Growth

One of the reasons cows are raised in this way is the speed of growth. Obviously the faster a cow can be raised to slaughter, the cheaper it is to raise and the quicker the return on investment. 

Here are the difference in times and weights to fully grown cows between the natural and unnatural system:

  • Grass fed cows: 450kg-550kg in 20-26 months
  • Grain fed cows: 550kg-650kg in 15-22 months

This can clearly help you understand the differences between the two cow systems. And if you consider that grass fed cows are able to roam, whereas grain fed cows are kept in enclosures, you can also imagine that the quality of the meat will be very different. 

It’s the same difference between an active human who eats whole foods, and an inactive human who eats processed foods. One has a solid muscular structure with minimal but healthy fat, and the other has a weak muscular structure with lots of unhealthy fat.

Five Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

All of the above seems quite obvious once your logical brain is engaged. But there are scientific facts to back up the logic:

  1. Whilst Omega 6 fatty acids are similar in both, it’s the Omega 3 profile where there is a substantial difference with more than three times Omega 3 in grass fed beef. Omega 3’s are essential for the human body to help brain development and help the immune system fight diseases and lower blood pressure.
  2. CLA is 300-400% higher in grass fed beef. CLA is a nutrient associated with lowering blood pressure and fighting heart disease.
  3. Grass fed beef is rich in Vitamin A and E, which help strengthen the immune system to maintain healthy skin and eyes. Vitamin E is four times higher in grass fed than grain fed beef.
  4. Grain fed beef is higher in overall metabolically unhealthy fat than grass fed beef. The fats found in grass fed beef is healthier and not oxidatively damaged.
  5. Grass fed beef is packed with carotenoids such as beta-carotene from the pigments in the grass that the cows eat.


In the Genius Life #405, Max talks to Mollie Englehart founder of Sage Regenerative Kitchen, formerly known as Sage Vegan Bistro. Mollie has clearly been on her own journey of being a staunch vegan in the past, and now a meat eater who respects the animals she uses in her restaurant. 

This is the direction we need to head back into as a species. To recognise that the natural world is one where there is a natural order of things, and humans are omnivorous creatures who need to eat meat. The choice to make is not one of carnivore or vegan. It is one of omnivorous eating as many plants as possible, while choosing healthy ethically raised meat sources and giving thanks to those animals who gave their life so we can live.

Stay educated, do your research, do not blindly follow headlines, think logically and think evolutionarily to Live Smarter, Live Stronger,  Live Longer!

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