How To Manifest a Happy, Healthy, Productive Workforce

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Studies have clearly shown that a workforce who is cared for compassionately and feels they are the priority of the company, are happier and healthier in their lives, resulting in a higher productivity and better returns for the company.

A Workplace of Fear vs Kindness

An office environment where employees are under immense pressure and in fear of losing their jobs creates an unhappy, unhealthy and unmotivated workforce. Employees who are scared of their boss and in fear of being fired or blamed for results struggle to sleep properly and are unable to focus on their health, as they are constantly running in the sympathetic state of fight or flight survival mode.

Whereas an office environment revolving around compassion, care and kindness creates a workforce who feel safe and protected. This cannot be achieved with slogans on the wall. This can only be achieved with a top down approach from company leaders who genuinely care about their employees wellbeing. 

Basic Human Needs

These are the fundamentals on the 2nd level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Ensuring employees are supported and feel safe and secure within employment, allows them to move into the 3rd level of the hierarchy, which is feeling cared for and being part of a family or community.

If a company is able to satisfy these levels of basic human needs, employees are able to thrive and even reach the 4th level of the hierarchy, which is one of improved self esteem and confidence. 

If employees know they are an important and unique individual who are supported, respected and valued, they can grow as a human and bring greater results to the company.

If employees are unhappy and don’t feel safe, job turnover is high and promotions or additional responsibilities are refused as employees are already burnt-out and fearful. This leads to a lack of motivation to go the extra mile and find solutions for customer problems, resulting in reduced customer service.

Improved Customer Service

A secure and cared for workforce who are motivated to love the company back, increases productivity resulting in higher shareholder return. Meanwhile healthcare, insurance and human resource costs go down.

Business leaders who create a compassionate, thoughtful environment, will bring happiness, harmony and togetherness into the office. This feeling of belonging, community and family results in higher creativity and more thought given to resolving issues and going the extra mile to make customers happy.

This is what is needed in society. To create a better workplace for employees to feel safe so they can expand their minds and be free to create ideas and solutions. If this type of workplace environment is built, productivity increases with all of the additional peripheral benefits which go alongside it. After all, who would not want to make people happier in their work life, which would naturally make them happy in their outside work life and everything else they do.

Happier people who are cared for bring decency and compassion into their everyday lives, spreading love in everything they do, making the world a better place.

Historical Compassion

Spiritual leaders throughout the millennia have built practices around the fundamentals of compassion, kindness and community. If you read all of the religious texts, these basic fundamentals of human decency shine through. Because spiritual leaders and philosophers understood that with these fundamentals, human happiness can be improved leading to better health and longevity. 

A simple philosophy of building deep relationships and caring for the workforce, truly caring for them and understanding every one is an individual, will bring far stronger bottom line results than building a culture of fear.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


The below studies and articles give further backing and scientific proof of the above:

In her 2008 Tedtalk, Karen Armstrong asks the world to help her create the Charter for Compassion, a document based on the Golden Rule: that we should treat others how we would want to be treated.  

In The Genius Life 394, Max talks to Neurosurgeon James Doty MD about the above topic, as well as mental strategies to improve focus and enhance happiness. This podcast will lift your spirits and give you creative ideas on how to continue your journey of self improvement.

Listen and learn from leaders with compassion to Live Happier, Live Stronger & Live Longer!

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