How to Activate Your Immune System

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The Genius Life 235 With Dr. William Li

When a great doctor with an understanding of functional health, talks to a great communicator who cares deeply about health. You get an explosion of knowledge and a deluge of information to take away.

In this episode Max talks to Dr. William Li, a world renowned physician and author of Eat To Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself.

If there is ever a title of a book which sums up the life transforming journey I’ve been on the past 5.5 years, it’s this. Because as I was researching how to begin my new life, I realised very fast that the key to healing my body was the food I put into it.

The saying “you are what you eat” is one of the most common known sayings when it comes to health, but arguably one of the most underused. Maybe because it’s been overdone for too many years without anybody taking the time to step back and wonder if there is any wisdom in this common phrase.

Well my own journey and experience has totally confirmed this adage. My body used to be made up of fast and processed food, alcohol, with very little fruit or vegetables. It is now made up of whole foods, small amounts of alcohol, with a lot of fruit and vegetables.

I cannot imagine what state my body would be in if I had not made that drastic change of direction in 2015.

The great thing about 2015 compared to 2022, is there are more people who can be accessed like Max Lugavere. Max and his peers bring the knowledge of food science to the masses. Breaking through the crap I had to trawl through when I first began looking into this.

In this interview, there are more knowledge bombs waiting for you to find. Dig in and discover:

  • The five health defence systems you are born with, and how you can fortify these systems to maintain or achieve optimal health through diet and nutrition.
  • What is immunotherapy, and why is a healthy gut microbiome the key to it working successfully.
  • The role of akkermansia in mucus production, and why eating pomegranate, cranberries, and concord grapes can boost akkermansia.
  • Which varieties of mushrooms are highest in soluble fiber, and why you should never wash mushrooms or throw away those stems.
  • How garlic boosts your immune system.
  • How to feel less bloated by slowing down, chewing your food thoroughly, and eating until you feel 80% full.
  • Why sleep and exercise are essential for health alongside a clean and nutritious diet.
  • And, as always so much more……………..

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