Why Rejection Helps You Grow

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If you are a growth minded person with views and ideas outside the mainstream, you need to get used to rejection. Because you simply cannot expect mediocre people who remain in their mainstream antiquated echo chambers to follow your potentially world class ideas.

Rejection & Failure Is Growth

If you can go through rejection over and over again, your life will change.

It comes down to truly valuing the opinion of yourself more than the opinion that lesser minded people have of you. This is an easy thing to say, but an incredibly difficult thing to do. Because if you disagree with everyone else in the room, it takes conviction in your own beliefs to stand strong.

Be willing to believe in yourself if you have the evidence behind and in front of you. Gather opinions from people you respect, people you care about, and listen to what they say. If everyone believes in you and your ideas, but you are still being blocked by closed minded people who stand in your way, think of another way to get through.

Know Who You Are Dealing With

There are always different strategies to consider. Analyse who you are dealing with. Learn about human behaviour and evolutionary psychology. Understand how people react and tick, and be sure you do not react how they want you to.

When you sit in that room and everyone disagrees with you, you can come away from the meeting and know you did the right thing. You know you stood up for your innovative ideas, your values and your belief system.

You’re not just making things up to say something different. You have a growth mind and have learned what you believe is correct. Gather proof and evidence and build a team around you who believe in you. 

If you have always held high values, always respected people, always been honest and always acted with the best intentions and integrity, that reputation will carry you a long way.

Reputation is the only thing you can be sure to take with you in business. Keep it clean. Work hard. Be good to people and treat everyone you ever meet with the utmost respect, no matter who they are.

How To Overcome Rejection

A great strategy for overcoming rejection is to forcibly put yourself into difficult situations all of the time. Make yourself uncomfortable every day. Give yourself a target of being rejected every day.

Ask for a free coffee at Starbucks every time you go until eventually they give you one (they will). Speak to people on the streets and ask them how their day is going. Most people will ignore and reject you. Get used to that rejection so when it happens in a business meeting, you know how to handle that feeling and you can keep your emotions under control.

If you give yourself a target to be rejected at least once, every day, I promise you your life will change.

Standing Up For What You Believe

Authenticity is standing up for something that is to your personal detriment, something that you truly believe in. It honestly does not matter what it is. But if it’s something you think is right and there are people who try to smash your values down, stand strong and be proud of your beliefs. That is authenticity at the heart of everything.

It’s the true alignment of what you think, of what you say and what you do.

What Is Intentionalism 

Doing what you mean to do, and wanting what you want to want is very hard to do. It’s also very rare because we humans are built to conform, we are built to try and fit in and not stand out.

But by being fearless, by intentionally standing up for what you believe, you can overcome anything and anyone.

When you are in a difficult situation, ask yourself; “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” By simply answering that question, you find the next step to take along the path of righteousness.

Fail To Win

I have never regretted my failures. At the time of going through them they hurt. But when you look back on them, you realise it’s the failures that make you learn and grow the most. It’s those failures which paint the picture of your life in epic stories. And I do not think there is any person who would wish for fewer epic stories in their lives.


In the 3 hour Modern Wisdom episode #738, Chris talks to his long time friend Alex Hormozi about 21 honest lessons about life. The above is just one of these golden nuggets of wisdom. If you want to learn more and expand your mind, you have to listen to conversations like this from intelligent articulate inspirational growth minded people. 

I will once again encourage you to switch off your daily news reels, remove social media from your brain, and spend time investing in yourself, your wisdom, your soul and your spirit by digging into the lives and minds of successful entrepreneurs and genuinely good people.

We can win the war against attrition by not following the herd. 

Live Wiser. Live Stronger, Live Better. Live Longer.

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