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Is Social Justice a Religion?

We take a slight detour away from health and fitness this week to dive into an issue which has grown dramatically in recent years. Being social justice handed out by virtue signalling keyboard warriors.

In this Modern Wisdom podcast, Chris Williamson speaks to Andrew Doyle, a comedian, writer and host of GB News. As well as being the fantastical Titania McGrath, who had a lot of people tied up in knots before they realised she was in fact a parody.

Social justice warriors have massively curtailed freedom of speech. Anybody who dares utter the wrong word, or be seen to discuss another version of the narrative they want to spread, are immediately labelled a bigot, racist, sexist, transphobe, or any other ‘ism of the day.

These new puritans have their own sacred texts and high priests. They define unspeakable words, rites of passage, and practices of sacrilege. So much so that the behaviour of many social justice activists in 2022 seem to echo very closely the behaviour of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.

In this podcast expect to learn:

  • Why Ben Shapiro is classified by these activists as a terrifying man.
  • Whether calling me hot makes you a bigot.
  • Why social justice catches smart people as much as stupid people.
  • Why tyrannies are particularly dangerous when they claim to help the oppressed.
  • Whether it’s accurate to characterise the culture war as left vs right.
  • Plus much much more…………

To quote a passage from the podcast which quite frankly is absolutely brilliant. Gerinda Bogle has this concept:

When intelligent people affiliate themselves to idealogy, their intellect ceases to guard them against wishful thinking and instead begins to fortify it, causing them to inadvertently mastermind their own delusion and to very cleverly become stupid.

If that sentence does not perfectly sum up the state of these issues today, I don’t know what will. It’s absolutely perfect. I would suggest you read that a few times, and listen to this podcast to be sure you are not one of those people blindly following social justice ideologies without using your own critical thinking skills.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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