You Are Never Too Old To Get Into Shape

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When I decided to take control of my health at the age of 45 back in 2015, I had absolutely no idea that 9 years later I would feel the way I do now. There were no examples to read about, and nobody I could find who had made steps into such a pathway.

It was a pure leap of faith based on logic and one small fact I learned about the human body and cell regeneration: That effectively all of your cells regenerate and are totally new cells over a period of seven years. Therefore I believed, if I started today to change my life with the food I put inside me and the way I treated my body, seven years later I would be a totally different organism made up of healthier cells due to a healthier lifestyle.

As proof of that leap of faith, this is what I wrote on my About page back in 2015 “Urbalife was founded with a vision. A vision that anybody can be active, strong, and pain free as they grow old, no matter what state of health they are in now, or how wild they have lived their life previously.

It was a vision borne out of hope as much as belief. Hope by me, who at the age of 45 was already feeling old and broken. The stress of living the fast life in Hong Kong since 1991 was taking its toll.”

These years later I find it remarkable how true this vision has become. The fact that I feel better than I did 9 years ago, and I look better than I did 20+ years ago is a testament to the practice of self care and learning. I truly believe you are never too old to add years of longevity to the end of your life. You are never too old to get in shape.


In Mind Pump 2310, the boys discuss this and explain that the body never loses the ability to adapt. You might feel you’ve lost the ability to do certain things, but if you want to get those things back, you can. You always can.

Right now with my yoga and bodyweight strength training practices, I am learning to reconnect to dormant muscles which have not been used for years or decades. Or let’s say more realistically, I’m reconnecting to the full range of those muscles and engaging them to use them properly again. 

Sure, it is not easy. I can be honest enough to say that this training with Coach Ebegale is the toughest training I have ever had in my life. Last Friday she put me through sets of slow correct leg raises. Counting me up and down until my abs were burning and my whole body was shaking. But it’s that intensity and correctness of form that’s bringing my body back to life, and giving me a shape back I can genuinely say I have never seen in myself, even in my 20’s.

So I am my own N-of-1 proof and testament that it is possible. Because now at 53 years of age, each week I feel stronger and look better. That can be done at any age, whether you are in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. It truly is never too late to get in shape.

Listen to this podcast to learn more on this subject, and hear the boys discuss the six factors to consider as you age to feel and look better:

  1. Resistance train appropriately.
  2. Get good sleep.
  3. Hit your protein targets with whole foods.
  4. Track energy, libido, sleep quality, mood.
  5. Do cardio for health, not for calorie burn.
  6. Easy lifestyle hacks.

Sleep well, eat whole foods and move your body to live happier, Live Stronger, Live Longer!

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