Strength Training Compounds Interest Like Your Monthly Financial Savings Plans

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One of the most difficult parts of improving your health through exercise is the beginning phase. The idea that you need to start something and commit to it for the rest of your life can be daunting. Arguably one of the reasons this is difficult to begin is because the average person thinks you need to be hitting the gym five times per week.

But this is truly not the case. For the trained or untrained body, it is surprising how little you need to do to solicit fantastic results. Twice a week for 45 minutes is a great place to begin. Actually let me edit that out loud: Once a week for 45 minutes is a great place to start.

Compound Interest Savings Comparison

As a 21 year old, when you looked ahead at your life and decided you wanted to have some money at the end of it, you didn’t wonder how you were going to get there. You instinctively knew you had to begin saving something every month, which over a period of years would build up into one of your saving pots.

If you are in Hong Kong, you will know exactly how this works with the MPF. Ok maybe not the best example as fund performances have not been the best over the past twenty years. But you can see how regular monthly savings of 5% of your salary has put you in a position where you will have some financial strength at the end of your working life.

It is exactly the same with your body. A small amount of effort once or twice per week will compound with interest over time to make you feel better every week, every month and every year moving forward. This will compound over time until when you are at the end of your life, you will know the work you did added the last few years of quality to your life, allowing you to spend more time with your family to watch them grow.

Savings Breaks = Business Trips

Most long term saving plans allow you to have payment holidays when you can have up to six months off during difficult financial times. Ultimately at the end of the savings plan, those breaks make very little difference to the final result.

This is how I handle exercise whilst on business trips. I have recently had some intense overseas business trips in Dubai and Europe, where time has been truly impossible to find for any exercise. 

All of you busy executives know that business trips are not only about the trip themselves, which alone are incredibly busy and stressful on your time. They are also about staying on top of your daily work and handling whatever events are thrown at you.

This is why, since I began travelling after Covid, I no longer plan to hit the gym on any business trips. I know that the compounded interest I have built up in my body over the years is enough to keep me strong, and a few days or weeks break will not make any difference in the big scheme of things.

Admittedly I personally have a 5 minute slow paced bodyweight workout routine I kick my day off with, which anybody could also start their day with. There is a big difference between trying to hit the hotel gym for 45 minutes, and rolling out of bed (or even doing the routine on the bed) for 5 minutes.

Discipline & Consistency = Healthy Retirement

Here again are my two favourite words which appear in my life over and over in everything I do. With these two words you can achieve anything. Apply discipline and consistency to any task you set your mind to, and you will succeed.

If you are disciplined and consistent in your monthly financial savings, this will compound with interest over time to reach a point where you do not have to save so much. Or you can stop saving and enjoy the results of your efforts at retirement.

If you are disciplined and consistent in your learning, you will eventually reach a point of mastery that you can begin teaching.

If you are disciplined and consistent with building your business and run your business with the right values, you will reach a point where the business can run itself.

If you are disciplined and consistent with your exercise, particularly with strength training, you will reach a point where you do not have to do very much to maintain the years of compounded interest you have put into your body.


In Mind Pump episode 2269, Sal, Adam and Justin discuss this at the beginning of the episode and explain how to achieve the maximum amount of return, for the minimum amount of effort. This is what we are all ultimately looking for in life in everything we do. It’s human nature to reduce everything down to the smallest amount of effort for the maximum return. This is how we grow, and this is how we allow more time and space in our lives to pursue our next goals.

If you haven’t yet begun your quest for a healthier body, make a plan to begin one full body session of strength training per week. You will be amazed at how little you need to do to solicit a response from your body. 

Be disciplined and stick to it once a week consistently. And as the results of these efforts make you feel better, as you feel stronger with each passing week, add a 2nd weekly session. Or try to learn something new to go alongside what you have learned to get you to where you are.

Everything you do compounds interest and builds up to be your future self. So begin today to be disciplined and consistent with your body, and start some resistance training to make your future self Live Stronger & Live Longer!

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