Six New Year’s Resolutions You Can Accomplish

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Mind Pump #1980

New Year’s resolutions can come in many forms. And being in Hong Kong, we have a choice as to when to begin these resolutions as there is the western new year, followed by the Chinese New Year within a short space of time.

Interestingly I noticed an increase in people at the gym just after the Chinese New Year, which makes logical sense as this is the proper new year for the majority of people living here.

The problem with New Year’s health resolutions is that they often fail. And one of the prime reasons for this failure is giving yourself unrealistic goals, or simply too much to do.

In this episode Sal, Adam and Justin discuss six New Year’s Resolutions which are achievable. Resolutions which will give you small steps into big results, giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

Their six step advice for the New Year, in no particular order of importance are:

  • Mental health. (One day a week fast from social media.)
  • Spiritual health. (5 minutes a day pray, meditate, breath work, or practice gratitude.)
  • Relationship health. (Once a week intentionally connect with someone.)
  • Physical health. (Walk 5 mins after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.)
  • Financial health. (Set a percentage of every paycheck and save it.)
  • Intellectual health. (Read a paper book for 5 minutes before bed every night.)

These are all simple and achievable steps. And what you notice is there is nothing particularly time consuming or hard about these. They are easily implemented into your day, and give you profound benefits which will lead you into ever more positive habits.

For my own practice, here is how I implement the above

  • Fasting from Social Media is something I do without realising it’s a practice. I simply do not use social media every day, and only occasionally look through my Facebook and Linkedin feed. Remove that mindless scrolling. It simply does not nourish your brain.
  • My breath work comes when I sauna. And my gratitude comes at night with some breathwork just before I sleep.
  • I am using one day per week to intentionally meet with somebody I know, or somebody new. I use Jordan Harbingers basic network tip of going from the bottom of your Whatsapp list to see who you have not connected with in some time, the reach out to them.
  • Walking after meals is something I always do. When at home I do not go out. I can just walk up and down my living room for 10 minutes. It’s as simple as that.
  • The financial checkmark is set every month with voluntary contributions into my MPF. This is the minimum amount saved which cannot be touched. It’s a guaranteed way of building your wealth without being able to spend it.
  • For my continued intellect growth, I have begun using Duolingo and like to practise that first thing in the morning and throughout the day when opportune moments arise. I listen to one podcast per day, and read a book for a minimum of five minutes every night. Often this is literally only five minutes, which is why it takes me some time to get through a book. But those five minutes compound over time into hours and multiple books. All good for your brain nourishment.

Apply these tips immediately to see what builds on top of them. You may realise without thinking that by implementing such simple positive steps, the snowball effect into ever increasing positive habits grows and makes you a super inquisitive life learner.

To everyone in Hong Kong and around the world, I wish you a very happy and healthy year of the rabbit.

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