Hide Your Scales For Weight Loss

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Here’s a tip  that could confuse many people who are looking to lose weight: Hide your scales.

What The Scales Weigh

When you stand on your scales, the only thing you are weighing is your total mass. The scales do not take into account your muscle or fat ratio. This is incredibly relevant because muscle is substantially denser than fat as you see here.

And remember your goal is not to lose weight. Your goal is to lose fat while gaining or maintaining muscle. And as you can see, 1kg of fat takes up a lot of mass on your body compared to 1kg of muscle. So by gaining muscle, depending on your body fat percentage, you could very well increase weight.

Furthermore, there are various other factors which can contribute to your weight:

  • The glycogen being stored in your muscles dependant on carbohydrate intake.
  • The water being stored in your cells and body dependant on sodium levels.
  • The amount of food being stored in your digestive system. If you eat a good steak with vegetables alongside some water, you could very well put 1kg of mass into your body.

My Recent Experience of Gaining 7Kgs

In October 2022, as seen on this blog, I was the leanest I have ever been in my adult life. I did this to test myself. I did this to see if I could do it, as a challenge. But also because I wanted to know if I could have abs showing at 52 years old! Yes there’s some ego there, but nevertheless it was a challenge to myself.

I did get visible abs as my body fat percentage went down to 10% or below, whilst I weighed 65kgs.

Naturally I was proud to have hit such a milestone and goal. But I can say it was not easy, and not necessarily pleasurable as I had to be precise with my calorie deficit, whilst ensuring an extra high protein intake.

This is not the way to live life due to too many restrictions. So once the goal was achieved, I relaxed my restrictions and began reverse dieting back out so I could live a normal life of eating again.

Just over one year later and as I am today, I weigh closer to 72kgs. But, the most important thing is, I feel way stronger and have much more energy than last year.

I tell this story to show how unimportant the scales are. If the average person puts on 7kgs they would think this is a failure. But if you gain 7kgs in the correct way, it is an absolute success.

What Metrics Should You Use

I do weigh myself relatively regularly, but that’s because I’m curious to know what fluctuations happen then correlate that to my nutrition, water intake and exercise. I never use my weight to adjust nutrition or exercise.

But if you still feel anxious each time you stand on the scales, then it’s time to throw them away and rely on other more valuable metrics.

Examples of the best metrics to use for knowing if you’re progressing in your life changing journey are things like:

  • Energy 
  • Strength
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Waist Measurements
  • The Mirror

By focusing on how you look and feel, rather than what the scales say, you will quickly notice how much of a difference this makes to the mental side of your journey. Because if you tie yourself to the results on the scale, you subconsciously tie your mood to the results of that scale. You feel happy when it goes down, and bad when it goes up. Whereas actually the reality of what is happening to your body could be the complete opposite.

You have more chance to control the path you are on if you ditch the scales for the mirror.


In Mind Pump episode 2261, Sal and the boys talk about this phenomenon at the start of the show where they share some of their own experiences with the scale. Take a listen to also learn about the benefits of Shilajit, the science behind pheromones, and many more interesting beneficial facts. 

Mind Pump 2320 is a shorter 30 minute podcast specifically focused on this subject. They discuss in depth the dangers of the scales, revolving around these four reasons:

  • Scales do not measure body composition.
  • Focusing on your weight takes focus off other more important metrics.
  • If you don’t fully understand this, it is a mental drain and messes with your head.
  • Weight can fluctuate from day to day which has nothing to do with fat loss or body composition.

Live Wiser. Live Stronger. Live Longer.

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