Fight Ageing With Strength Training

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Another new study has just been released on the effects of strength training for an older population.

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves what the common negative expectations of the ageing process are:

  • Loss of mobility.
  • Weakening of bone.
  • Hormones dysfunction.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction leading to low energy.
  • Insulin sensitivity leading to blood sugar issues.

This recent study shows all of the above are directly combatted through strength training.

Strength training is literally the closest you can get to the fountain of youth.

The Study Details

A group of men between 60-75 years old with no previous exercise experience were put through a traditional strength training program for a period of 16 weeks.

The results at the end of that 16 week period showed:

  • Body fat percentage dropped by 3%.
  • Muscle strength increased by 30%.
  • VO2 max dramatically improved.

These results were achieved without any dietary interventions, and without any additional cardiovascular training. 

Once again we move into the logical brain, and think if these results can be achieved simply by adding strength training into your life, imagine how much can be achieved if protein was accounted for and a whole food diet was implemented.

We should also remember that strength training is an acquired skill. It takes months or years to learn how to do strength training correctly. So if you extrapolate those 16 weeks out over a longer period of time, the health improvements would be even more dramatic and have a huge effect on the quality and longevity of life.

Do Not Accept the Ageing Myth

In the western world, our brains have been programmed to accept the ageing myth. To accept there is no way to stop the ageing process. We will grow old, become weak, and die a slow agonising death with a degraded body and mind.

But this is simply not true. This is what the controlling powers of the big food/pharma industrialised complex want you to believe. The message they promulgate is to eat these packaged foods, make yourself sick, then they will help you live longer with chemically produced pharmaceuticals.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. People like Paul Chek have proven that at the age of 62, age is just a number. There are many others like him leading the way into the new era of longevity which will show there is another way.

Through a high protein diet alongside full body strength training, the body and brain do not have to become weakened. We do not have to accept a life of entrapment into a system we did not ask for.

We can look back at our ancestors and use evolutionary biology to see that the modern day myth of getting old and fat is not mandatory. You do not have to follow blindly into the industrialised complex.

By making the right choices, by educating yourself in strength training, your body can stay strong and healthy no matter what your age is. 


In Mind Pump episode 2253, Sal and the boys discuss the above study from the beginning of the podcast. Please listen to this and learn from experienced trainers who are all now over 40 years old, about the incredible benefits of strength training and how you can incorporate this into your life.

Or as always, you can reach out to me to learn more about this directly, and receive tips and ideas as to how you can bring strength training into your busy executive lives whilst working in a modern urban jungle like Hong Kong.

Age is just a number. You are as young as you are inside your body and mind. So control your actions and learn new skills, with the number one priority being full body strength training to live stronger and live longer.

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