Breakfast To Help You Eat Less Throughout The Day

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There are no magic bullets or quick fixes when it comes to sustained health. It is all about consistency and a holistic view to your life, encompassing quality sleep, exercise and nutrition.

However there are some easy healthy hacks which can give you a lot of benefit, for little effort. One of them is what you eat for breakfast.

Sal says: “If you just eat some breakfast which is high in protein, with some fat, with little to no carbohydrates. You will probably eat less throughout the day without cravings”

By applying this simple method, you will improve your energy, and get your insulin levels to be more stable throughout the day.

The reason tips like this are so good is because there is no massive change of behaviour. Most people are eating breakfast anyway. So all you need to do is change what you have for breakfast.

This makes adherence to healthy nutrition so much easier to follow.

We know this to be true with studies using the relatively new CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitors) technology. This shows that eating high protein and no/low carbs for breakfast keeps blood sugar levels low, and energy levels high throughout the day.

Erratic ups and downs of blood sugar levels tend to promote food cravings, irritability and overeating.

So by just starting your day right, your body is naturally pushed into a more steady state of energy levels throughout the day.

Breakfast History

Before the introduction of cereals at the beginning of the 20th century. Or let’s say, before the mass marketing of cereals in the second half of the 20th century. All breakfasts were high protein. People ate eggs with some meat.

In rural Philippines today, breakfast is almost always leftover food from the night before. Whatever meat or fish isn’t eaten at the previous dinner, will be eaten at breakfast.

Now all marketed breakfast foods tend to be high in carbohydrates with low to no protein. Things like pancakes or bagels with some orange juice. Which are all carbs and guaranteed to crash your energy levels.

High Protein Breakfast

The best high protein breakfast remains as it was before the invention of packaged foods; eggs and meat.

Eggs are natures’ multivitamins. They are packed full of brain nutrients which come from the yolk. This also adds a little fat, and studies show that protein (from the egg white) is absorbed much better into your body when combined with fat.

Nature has made this combination easy by including the perfect amount of fat in the yolks.

So no more egg white omelettes (which are just not very tasty). Always use the whole egg.

For breakfast, boil, scramble or make an omelette with the number of eggs of your choice.

If I’m having boiled eggs, 3 is the maximum I can have before palette fatigue kicks in.

For an omelette I go for 4 eggs. And for scrambled, I will make it with 5 or 6 eggs.

A little tip is to leave some meat/fish over from your previous night’s dinner, and throw that into your breakfast eggs. Add some cheese if you like, and boom, there you have a beautiful tasty wholesome healthy breakfast which will help with food cravings and energy levels..

Start your day the right way, and keep your energy smooth throughout the day.

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