7 Reasons Your Favourite Fitness Influencer is Unhealthy

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Mind Pump #1995

This week the boys explain why we should be wary of fitness influencers, and why there is a good chance they are unhealthy.

I recognise that most of my audience will not know any fitness influencers. I myself do not have Instagram yet, which is where most of these influencers can be found. 

Nevertheless it’s an important subject to look at because we as humans are easily influenced by pretty things which attract our attention. And as most of these influencers are indeed pretty things, we should be aware of what can often lurk beneath the surface.

Listen to this episode and discover the deeper reasons why the boys have chosen these seven issues to highlight:

  • They have an eating disorder.
  • They abuse exercise.
  • They are narcissists.
  • They are body obsessed.
  • They have substance abuse issues
  • They aren’t authentic
  • They aren’t fitness/health experts.

Reason Number Eight: Why They Should Not Be Looked To For Advice

I would like to add my own eighth reason as to why these influencers should not be aspired to, or looked to for advice in being healthy.

It is quite simply because they have no understanding of the average person who sits at their desk for 8 hours a day trying to make ends meet each month.

This is my biggest bug-bear of the modern Instagram world. It’s full of people who have never worked an average person’s day in their life.

And this is also why I love the people I follow such as my Mind Pump friends. They have worked with the average person for decades. They focus on, and talk about how the average person can make themselves happier and healthier in a realistic manner.

Don’t be a magpie. Don’t see only shiny pretty things and chase after them. Follow and listen to people who have your best interests at heart. People with integrity and years of authenticity behind them so you know they are genuine. 

Those are the people you want to emulate and learn from. These are the people you can find here from my podcasts recommendations and their guests.

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