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Huberman Lab: Controlling Your Dopamine

We’ve all heard about dopamine. A common phrase used when something exciting happens is “getting your dopamine hit”. But what does that actually mean scientifically? Where is that dopamine coming from, why is it there, and what does it do?

More importantly; why is Dopamine so important and how can you maximise its benefits?

Dopamine has everything to do with how you feel and how your motivation works now. It affects how you will feel an hour from now. It affects your level of desire, and the amount of effort you’re prepared to use in the tasks at hand.

If you’ve ever interacted with people who seemingly have no drive, compared to somebody with continuous drive, you will have seen the effects of dopamine first hand. Because what you have almost certainly observed is people with two different levels of dopamine circulating in their bodies.

This podcast serves as a sort of “Dopamine Masterclass..” where Dr. Huberman discusses this immensely powerful chemical that we all make in our brain and body. In this episode you will learn:

  • What dopamine does to your neural circuits.
  • The peaks and baseline of cell biology dopamine depletion.
  • Tools to control your dopamine release for the sake of motivation & focus.
  • The importance of dopamine in combatting addiction and depression.
  • How to achieve sustained increases in baseline dopamine.
  • Which compounds can injure and protect dopamine neurons.
  • How smartphones and social media negatively alter our dopamine circuitry.
  • And much much more……

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