Evidence based nutrition is scientific research, formulated by passionate health experts who want to understand how food affects our bodies.

The average business person in Hong Kong is only too well aware of the stress they put their body under:

• Hours sitting at a desk keeps the body in an unnatural position.

• Incessant working hours mean there’s no time for scheduled exercise.

• Overseas business trips, visitors, and deadlines, result in sleepless nights.

• Meetings and lunches make it difficult to focus on the right food to fuel you.

The world of health and wellness is littered with misinformation. Too often this information is careless and dangerous. By educating in easy to absorb steps, you learn how to take control of your own health and nutrition forever.

Our understanding of nutrition has exponentially increased over recent years, continuing to evolve at a rapid pace with new research papers being published every week. With the help of the BTN Academy and fellow practitioners, I stay on top of the most relevant and important new research, which I will always bring to you.

Nutrition is a science, a surprisingly simple one which can be taught in easy to follow steps. Once this is grasped, consultations can be reduced or eliminated. It is certainly not my intention to have you as a client forever.

My goal is for you to be fully armed with the necessary knowledge, allowing you to be in full control of your own health.

This is What You’ll Get

One on One Consultations

An initial face to face consultation to learn about current lifestyle and nutrition habits.

This first consultation is free if you, or I, decide not to move forward together.

30 or 60 minute consultations thereafter.

Flexible Consultation Locations

Time is precious in Hong Kong, so either:

We meet at a location convenient for you.
We have video conferencing via any preferred technology.

Nutrition Empowerment

Each consultation is a lesson to give you tools to take control of your own nutrition.

This ensures long term sustainability, and plenty of food choice flexibility.

Which is why I do not give fixed meal plans.

Clear Goals and Strategies

Clear and attainable goals are agreed upon to be followed during each consultation.

A step by step process of change is built around your current lifestyle and habits.

New goals are added at every consultation.

Consultation Reports

A detailed report is sent by email within 24 hours of the consultation.

The report reviews all discussion points to help with information retention.

Goals and strategies are clearly defined.

Advice via Whatsapp

It’s natural to have plenty of questions whilst learning new information.

Which is why I am contactable between consultations at all times.

Fast replies guaranteed.

Contact us for your free consultation

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