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As I resume my writing this month, I thought I would kick it off with a quick directional update.

I stopped last March as I felt some direction had been lost. Or more relevantly, I felt I could add more to it. The idea of the website is to have a resource of free information for people working busy lives who could dip in and out to gain nuggets of information which could help them.

Many of the blogs I was writing were referenced to podcasts or books or science papers, repeating some of the information from within those resources. But I reached a point where I knew I wanted to add more. I knew I had my own experiences and values to be added on top of the amazing mentors and people I have been learning from.

Sometimes you need to take a break to find the answers you are looking for. This in itself was a challenge for me as I did not want to let myself down. I felt if I stopped after the 63 blogs, I was somehow wasting what had been done. The human brain is a complex machine which goes through many thought patterns. I just needed to let mine have a short break from what I was doing, so I could find my new path.

August to October are always the months things change for me. Over the years, the biggest moments in my life, the forks in the road that have made me who I am today, always seem to happen around these months. Sure, my birthday is in October, and as a forward thinker this is always the time of year I challenge myself to review my life. To review the previous 12 months, to consider where I am now, and to be sure where I want to be heading into the future.

Having just turned over another birthday this October to the age of 53, after some turmoil and in-brain fighting, finally all of the thoughts in my monkey brain found a home, settled down, and I am now clear on the direction to take.

I began this journey eight years ago in 2015. Starting with zero knowledge, but armed with a determination to take responsibility for my own body, and a self assurance that there is only one person who could help me. Me. To research, to find the mentors to help me, to take responsibility, and to practice what I was learning.

Eight years later, I have the confidence to talk about these experiences. To share the practicalities of what I have learned whilst continuing to share amazing content from the mentors and teachers who have got me to where I am today.

Therefore from hereon in, every blog I write will not only be sharing golden nuggets of information from incredible people, but also share how that information directly correlates to my own practical experiences juggling a busy hectic work life, in a dynamic bustling city, whilst keeping a healthy body and mind through disciplined strategies of movement and nutrition.

The journey continues. The wisdom continues to be gathered. And with this I hope to inspire others living difficult busy lives in these hectic modern times, to also live happier, longer and stronger lives.

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