My First Intrepid Steps Towards Stronger Immunity

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Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and Turmeric

Back in 2014 when I began researching nutrition and how to be a healthier version of myself, there was so much information and misinformation swimming around the Internet, it was difficult to know where to start. 

I knew I had to clean up my eating habits. I knew I had to do more exercise. I knew I had to stop smoking. I knew I had to drink less alcohol. I knew I was regularly sick, and I knew I had a lifetime’s worth of abuse and damage to repair.

With all of this information to process, I decided to begin with sickness prevention. I was losing too much time to sickness with regular coughs and colds. Tedious illnesses which affected my everyday habits and often took me away from work.

Diving further into the research of illness prevention, there were three compounds which were repeatedly mentioned, being; honey, apple cider vinegar (ACV), and turmeric. So with interest and trepidation in January 2015, I began a daily ritual of consuming honey, ACV and turmeric.

Two of these three ingredients just made logical sense. Both honey and vinegar have been used in traditional medicine and as a preservative throughout history. They never spoil or go bad on the shelf. Therefore logic dictated if I could give myself a small dose of this each day, those natural preservative and healing effects would ingrain themselves into my body.

The Results

Scientific data is always interesting. Anecdotal data with your own experimentation is even more compelling. It does take time for the dosages to build up in your body to have the necessary illness prevention and health benefits, but after 6 months of use and continued daily application, I noticed the following results:

  • No more sinus issues: For more than a decade, I had issues with my sinuses caused by allergic reactions. I reached for Afrin every night to clear my nasal passages so I could breathe freely while sleeping. Within 6 months I was able to throw all my sinus relief medication away never to be seen again.
  • No more hay fever: Since I was 13, I suffered from hay fever. Every year when I went back to the UK in the summer, it always hit me very hard. However in the summer of 2015, I experimented with no antihistamine medication, and was thrilled to realise I no longer needed it.
  • No more coughs or colds: Hong Kong is renowned for its “summer flu” due to the stifling humidity and heat combined with arctic air-conditioning. Since taking my daily dose of honey, ACV and turmeric, I have not had a debilitating cough or cold. There are times when I do contract these illnesses as I can feel them effect me. But now these illnesses never make me sick. My naturally strong immune system fights these invaders off, expelling them out of my body.

It should be remembered that this procedure was implemented at the very beginning of my journey, a full 6 months before I even began to understand the value of correct nutrition. And a full 18 months before I implemented healthier nutrition. 

Therefore the power of these three simple ingredients should not be underestimated. They had a profound positive effect on me whilst I was still living my old life of low nutrient food, alongside alcohol and cigarettes. Once combined with high nutrient dense whole foods, reduced alcohol and (eventually) the quitting of cigarettes, the effect was even more powerful. 

How to take ACV and Turmeric through Supplementation

For apple cider vinegar and turmeric, I now use supplementation through Organifi. I love their products as they maximise effective dosages, use organic ingredients, medicinal herbs, and have plenty of other healthy adaptogens to increase your immune system. Here are the supplements I regularly use:

Organifi Gold: A super tasty powder I either froth up with organic milk, add it to a protein shake, mix into yoghurt, or combine it with milk soaked chia seeds.

Organifi Pure: A great way to kickstart your day. This supplement has ACV as well as many other organic healthy compounds good for your brain, gut and digestive system. I mix it in the morning with some Himalayan salt, and Beekeepers Naturals Superfood Honey. Of course you can use any honey, but I love the Beekeepers Naturals brand as all of their products are as nature intended, and this particular honey has royal jelly, propolis and pollen added.

Furthermore, if I start to feel any sniffles, a slight soreness in the throat, or anything which could indicate i’ve contracted a virus, I add doses of Organifi Immunity

How to take Honey, ACV and Turmeric daily without supplementation

1 tbsp runny honey. Or 1 tsp of set honey

1 tbsp ACV

Half tsp turmeric with quarter tsp cayenne pepper

Mix together in warm water and drink either first thing in the morning to kickstart your digestion, or last thing at night before you sleep. Or both.

The cayenne pepper, or any pepper, is needed as it has the compound bioperine which maximises the absorption into your body of the active ingredient of turmeric (curcumin). Cayenne pepper is preferred over other peppers as it has higher concentrated levels of bioperine, as well as other anti-inflammatory benefits.

Some may find this a little difficult to swallow, but with patience and consistency you will be able to find a nice mix between the sweetness of the honey, the spice of turmeric & pepper, and the sourness of the ACV. If more honey is needed, just add more until you find the right balance for your tastes.

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