My Covid Experience

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With My Protocol For Fast Recovery

Finally last week I tested positive for Covid-19. I say finally because throughout this whole Covid experience, I did nothing to isolate or lock myself away. I carried on my days as normal and went about my life.

On Sunday October 23rd I went to sleep feeling positive after a good healthy weekend. I even did my usual tough bike ride climb in the morning.

When I awoke on Monday 24th, I could feel something wasn’t right. But I tested myself using two different RAT tests, and both showed negative results. So I went to work as normal.

However, by the time the afternoon had arrived, I had to call it a day as my flu pains were growing and I was feeling very weak.

The next day, I woke up in pain. That horrible flu pain which affects the whole body. So I spent the majority of the day curled up in a ball just wishing it would all go away. My tests were still showing negative results.

The following day, Wednesday morning after a rather sweat induced night of coughing and weird dreams, I awoke feeling much better. So looking forward to the day ahead, as usual I tested myself, and both RAT tests showed a clear positive line.

I was feeling better, but showing positive results. 

My Recovery Protocol

As no doubt you all know, my recovery protocol for any illness is prevention. To be sure to eat whole foods with plenty of protein and vegetables/fruits; to get enough exercise; and to get adequate sleep.

These are three things which are non-negotiables in my life.

Others are, plenty of sun, cold morning showers, honey/ACV/Turmeric daily, and averaging more than 8000 steps per day.

With those protocols always being followed, I feel my body is robust enough to beat off any viruses quickly.

This does not stop me from catching viruses. But it does ensure my immune system is strong, and I can flush out any virus quickly without it affecting my daily life.

However, after going through this, I have no doubts that Covid is a nasty little virus, because it even took me down for three days.

Fasting From Solid Food

Whenever I feel my body is looking for a rest, the first thing I focus on is resting my digestive system.

The digestive system uses around 15-30% of your energy per day. That is quite a substantial figure. So by allowing my digestive system to rest, that 15-30% of energy can be spent hunting the virus and flushing it out.

Furthermore, it was made quite easy as my appetite simply disappeared. Which is a clear sign from my body that it did not want food.

Massive Doses of Ginger and Honey 

Ginger and honey are loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols which are the body’s soldiers to fight off enemy viruses or bacteria. 

So by doing this, not only do you overload your body with more soldiers to fight the enemy. You also give yourself calories to keep your engine running, and specifically glucose to keep your brain functioning properly.

Ginger and Honey Protocol

This literally could not be any easier. Grab a load of ginger and smash it with the side of a large knife or chopper. Put it all in a teapot, and pour boiling water over it and let it stew. That’s it. You can continually top up with boiling water and leave it in the pot all day.

When you’re ready to drink. Add honey in your cup and pour the ginger water over. I also added some sea salt as I sweated a lot during this experience. 

Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium

As my recommendation is to fast from solid food, this means you will not be eating, which is how sodium levels stay strong. Furthermore, Covid brings quite some sweating, so your sodium levels automatically drop.

This is why I take one or two LMNT packs per day to ensure these important micronutrient levels remain in check.


Your body only recovers and repairs when it is sleeping. Which is why people who have the ability to nap tend to have strong immune systems.

Not only did I take a couple of daytime naps, which is unheard of for me. I was in bed by 8pm each night to ensure I got the maximum amount of sleep possible.

Amino Acids

As I was not able to eat, and definitely not able to eat any fats or protein because my body rejected even the thought of such food. I turned to my Kion Amino Acids to give my muscles some food. 

This does not feel like an ideal way to get my amino acids as I’d much rather get them from food, or even a protein shake. But due to the inability to eat and digest, I decided this was a good time to try them out.

I do not know if they worked. But Kion is a highly reputable brand with massive amounts of scientific research going into their products. So I have to believe they are worthy.

One thing is for sure. I did not get any adverse stomach reactions from them. So there was not any negative feedback.

Hot Baths

With saunas closed, I wanted to sweat this out as much as possible. So I ran extremely hot baths each night (50’c), using magnesium salts, to make me sweat it out even more than I was.

This is not a comfortable experience. But sometimes you need to do uncomfortable things to make progress.

Back to Solid Food

On the Wednesday, which was my first positive day, my body asked for some solid food.

Intuitively I knew this had to be very simple plain carbs only. Thinking about oily foods made me feel ill, and the thought of protein didn’t strike me as particularly pleasant.

So my first solid meal was boiled rice with some sea salt. Just a small bowl to test my body and digestive system.

This seemed ok, so later that day I boiled some eggs, and had boiled eggs on boiled rice. I felt hungry. But after just a few spoonfuls I was feeling full and my body told me to stop.

By being fit and healthy, it’s easier to know what to do because your brain is in tune with your body, and signals are not getting confused or blocked. I do not know how I would have handled this when I was 100kgs, but I feel quite sure my intuition would not have been as clear as it is now.


I don’t take painkillers because I want to know how I feel. I don’t want the painkillers to give me a false sense of where I am.

However, on the Tuesday night I took Panadol Extra at 8pm, and more at 1am because I decided that my need to sleep was more important than my need to be natural. 

Sometimes even the strongest healthiest people need a little medical help.


The absolute overriding number one factor to recover from Covid fast is prevention. To have a fit and healthy body to attack the virus and extract it out. I was sick for 1.5 days, and I do not know for sure whether the above protocols helped or added to my fast recovery. But I am 100% sure being fit, strong and healthy definitely did.

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