Practice Gratitude & Be Mindful When Eating

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When you sit down to eat your meals, remember to always eat mindfully. 

Be mindful of the food choices you make. Be mindful of what you put into your body and where you get your food from.

Do not be fooled by the puppeteers of society who want you to eat their manufactured industrialised colourful wrapped products..

Don’t swim with the tide. Don’t listen to popularity or be fooled by advertising.

Do your own research. Be conscious. Be aware. Be educated.

Your mind is your soul. Your mind controls your body and what you do with it, what you put in it, and how you care for it.

Your consciousness builds your body. So by having respect for your consciousness means you have respect for your body. 

Disrespecting your god-evolved consciousness means you are disrespecting your body, your mind, your soul, and the 4.2 billion years of evolution prior which led you to be born into the body you have today.

Grateful Eating

Every religion has a ritual practice before eating. This has been passed down through millenia, so there must be a reason for it. Why would our ancestors do this? Maybe they knew something we don’t, or more likely, we’ve forgotten.

Assuming you are eating a whole food natural diet, everything you eat was created by nature. The earth grew the plants you eat, and animals gave their life for the meat.

Remember that before each meal. Take a moment to remember, and take an extra moment to remember the animal your meat or fish has come from.

Give thanks to them for what they have given to you. They have given their life so that you can thrive. So have the decency, awareness and respect to thank them silently in your own way.

Be Present With Your Food

Studies show that people who watch TV while eating, consume on average 500 calories more per day. This makes logical sense, because if you are not aware of the food you are eating, it is easy to mindlessly put food into your mouth because you are not connected with the food.

Try to be in social situations whenever possible, with family or friends.

But often like me, you might eat alone. So when I eat alone, I disconnect from all devices and switch off any distractions so I can focus and be present with my food.

This will also naturally encourage you to chew your food more as you become aware of the different flavours and textures in your mouth. And when you chew your food more, you help with the breakdown of the food and the digestive process, which ensures a higher absorption of the nutrients into your body.

Live with awareness, live with compassion. Live stronger, live longer.

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