Mindset: All You Truly Ever Have Is Now

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I have this habit of becoming obsessed with new things I learn. When something blows my mind, it will spin around the forefront of my thoughts for weeks or months. Even if it is obvious and something we already intuitively know. In fact, it’s often the most obvious things that blow my tiny mind the most.

And this is what has happened with something I heard Chris Williamson discuss recently, being the fact that “all you ever truly have is now.”

Focus On The Present

Humans think in different ways. I am quite a creative future thinker. And that future thinking often stops me from doing what I need to do now. Procrastination seeps in, and I find myself thinking about what the thing I need to do will bring, instead of doing the thing I need to do to bring it. 

Once again I refer to Chris Williamson and his 60 second clip about “doing the thing”. This always brings me goosebumps because it resonates so deeply with me.

So when I heard the discussion on the fact that all you ever truly have is right now, it got me thinking down another deep rabbit hole which I love to dive into.

The Past

The past is done. Sure it’s yours and you need to own your actions of the past. But dwelling on past accomplishments or misdemeanours helps nobody. Especially if you want to keep progressing in life. 

Think about the past as your life lessons. Good things are easy to remember. Bad things are even easier, because they always come back to you and bring that anxious feeling in your belly. You cannot forget them or change them. But you must learn from them to shape your actions in the present and to improve the future-you.

The Future

The future is more relevant with regards to your ability to control and shape who you will become. But continuous over emphasis on thinking about who you will become, without any actions in the present, will not make you that person. Nothing will change the future-you, unless you act in the present. 

The Now

Right here, right now, is all you ever truly own. Think about that as you read this sentence. This is all you own and have full control of right in this very moment of time. 

As I sit here writing this, and as my mind sometimes wanders off into directions which do not help me now, I come back to being right here, right now.

Conversational Focus

In business you need to communicate with many different people. Whether that be colleagues, customers, suppliers, or anybody throughout the day you come across. And this is where I have applied this theory more than ever since I learned it.

No doubt you have found yourself in meetings or conversations when your mind has wandered off. Maybe the subject was tedious. Maybe the person is not interesting or eloquent. Or maybe, it’s your lack of focus and listening which is making the subject tedious or the person ineloquent.

I have discovered that no matter how uninteresting you might find a person during conversation, if you truly listen to what they have to say, you discover more than you would if you believe from the outset this person has no value.

Modern Media Attention Deficit Disorder

The ability to listen and to have a conversation is being stripped from our brains because all we are being programmed to focus on are soundbites and ten second clips of cats falling out of trees. Even the most aware of us who listen to long form conversations and do not spend time scrolling through our phones are having our brains hijacked silently without our knowledge. 

I am sure this is one of the reasons why so many people have lost the ability to have discussions and be able to focus on the topic of conversation. You can see it in people’s eyes. You know they have momentarily drifted away and are thinking about something else, and often the replies are irrelevant to the topic at hand because an idea has caught their brain and they need to say it, rather than wait and follow the conversation through.

The Art of Conversation

Conversation and focus, like many things I talk about such as discipline and consistency, is a skill. It is not an inherent right we have to think we can converse with people without focus and attention. Our human monkey brains do not allow that, especially in these times when our attention is being distracted so easily with “oooooooooooh shiny pretty things”.

Living In The Now

You have to practise focusing and listening. When you are working on a project or task, you have to practise focusing on that task. 

Practise makes the skill, until eventually the skill becomes the habit.

Intuitively we all know this. Reading this blog it is obvious what I’m saying is correct. So as you go about your day, remember all you truly own is now. Right now. There is no other time you own.

Choose To Be Present

There is nothing more you can control apart from right here, right now, and what you choose to do with it.

Choose to do positive things. Choose to be interested in other people. Choose to be fascinated by the world around you. Choose to learn from others. Choose to keep your mind open. Choose to focus on what is right in front of you. And as I have mentioned above, in the words of the great poet Fat Boy Slim, choose to be Right Here, Right Now.

If you would like to have a conversation and practise your focus, I am happy to hear from you and practise that skill with you. Please feel free to reach out and contact me.

Choose to live longer, choose to live stronger.

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