The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ryan Holiday is a marketer and author of multiple books related to forward thinking business and self help strategies for the modern world. He has an innate interest in the balance of body and mind, with ingenious techniques and strategies combining ancient wisdom with modern day practices.

The ancient Greek Stoics have always interested me since I first discovered some of their teachings. They are philosophers from 300BC who wrote about a philosophy of personal ethics based upon logic and the natural world, spanning around 500 years. What’s incredible about these writings is this philosophy is as valid today as it was 2000 years ago. Which should tell us how little we have truly evolved as a species from a philosophical standpoint.

In this book, Ryan takes a daily writing, and applies it to modern day life. It is a book best read slowly, one quotation at a time. This is actually how he has designed the book to be read, so I keep it next to my bed and read one philosophical quote per day. Ryan relates each quote to the modern world we live in, which highlights even further the forward thinking intelligence of the ancient Stoics.


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