Boundless by Ben Greenfield

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ben Greenfield is one of the biggest practitioners of the evidence based health world, where he experiments with just about anything he can get his hands on for the sake of longevity and improved health. He is a modern day biohacker, body and brain coach, as well as an ironman and spartan professional athlete.

I have followed Ben’s work and been a fan of his since I first discovered him back in 2017. I was waiting for Boundless to be published, and as soon as it was released I had to have a copy.

It is an encyclopedia of cutting edge, evidence based information as to how to upgrade your body and mind to live the happiest, healthiest longest life possible. 

I am currently still reading through this beautifully printed tome of a book. But I can report after just the first three chapters this is one of the most exciting and interesting books on health I have read to date. Once finished, a full report will be available.

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