Book Review: The Resistance Training Revolution

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This is Sal Di Stefano’s masterpiece. Quite simply, this is THE book that EVERYBODY must read. 

The no-cardio way to burn fat and age-proof your body in only 60 minutes per week.

I consider myself very lucky to have found Sal and Mind Pump back in 2017. The fitness industry needed and still needs communicators. People who have the knowledge, and can share that knowledge in a way which gets the message across about how we need to take care of our bodies and soul.

And one thing that Sal does brilliantly is weave stories, anecdotes and analogies that help you understand clearly what is important, and why it is important.

Because as humans, if we truly understand the information we have, if we are able to grasp the mechanisms of how to live stronger and longer, it becomes easier to put that knowledge into our everyday life practice. Once you know something, it’s impossible to un-know it. So once you understand that actually you do not need to grind for hours on a boring treadmill every week to stay healthy and fit, your whole perspective on exercise changes.

This goes the same with nutrition. Once you grasp the importance of protein. Once you put those dots together and understand the importance of high protein and whole foods, while knowing fast packaged foods are scientifically made to make you unhealthy and lazy, it becomes easier to control what you put into your body.

Because nobody would knowingly try to make themselves sick. Of course there is a fight to go through in the beginning when lifestyle changes are made. But with knowledge and analogies from people like Sal who shares his stories in this book, it makes the switch to live stronger and longer so much easier to make.

There is nothing more to say about this masterpiece. I have bought multiple copies of it and I give it to anybody who I think is ready to learn. And the feedback I receive from people I have given it to just cements what I believe. If people I am giving it to then give this book to other people in their lives, there must be something to this.

Please everybody just please do yourself a favour and read this book. It is not a big book at all, and in fact almost half of the book are exercise ideas. So in reality the golden nuggets of wisdom and everything you need to know are in the first half of the book. 

Listen and learn from the people who know. Educate yourself in just one short week and read this book to learn how to live wiser, live stronger and live longer.

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