The Renaissance Diet 2.0 By Dr. Mike Israetel

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I first came across Dr. Mike Israetel back in 2017 when he appeared on a podcast with Mike Matthews. I immediately liked his persona, and obvious genuine desire to bring evidence based nutrition to the masses. Mike is a strength athlete, bodybuilder and PHD in Sports Physiology. So for sure he knows his stuff.

And it’s this knowing of stuff which somehow drags this book down in its effectiveness. If we are to make long lasting changes to the lives of everyday people through nutrition, we need to be talking at a level of understanding which is digestible and applicable to the average person on the street.

There is nothing in this book I would not recommend. In a way, it is a book which includes a total course on evidence based nutrition. Full of facts and figures. Full of calculations as to how best to achieve fat loss, or muscle gain. All correct, and all valuable.

But how translatable is this to the average person whose day is spent sitting at a desk, in an office, working all hours. A Hong Kong business executive whose focus is performing their job.With hardly enough time to consider their own health, let alone make calculations and measurements to ensure maximum body composition is upheld.

This is the only downside to this well thought out and detailed book, it’s transfer-ability to the average person.

That being said, if you have reached a point where you are in control of your health and know what you need to eat every day. Then this book will take you to another level of understanding and could be a very valuable tool in your armour.

If you are still in the beginning stages of taking back control of your body and health. I would recommend starting off with Genius Foods, Strong Medicine, or Bigger Leaner Stronger.

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