Book Review: Muscle For Life

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By Mike Matthews

When I first began my life changing journey in 2015, the first year can be classified as a complete write off. The information I could find about how to build a better body was simply not clear.

There was decent information about training, although I followed the wrong paths. But there was no information about nutrition and what you should eat. Literally nothing useful that I could find.

Then through perseverance, continued searching and belief there must be a better way, I eventually found Mike’s first book, Bigger, Leaner, Stronger in October 2016, which fundamentally and dramatically changed how I trained and ate.

I also wrote to Mike asking some questions, which he personally replied to. I will never forget that. And I know this is something he continues to strive for today even though he is a mega successful business man with multiple businesses on the go.

Muscle For Life vs Bigger, Leaner, Stronger

As they both come from the same author, there is certainly a fair amount of crossover. But they are different books and should be used in different ways depending on your experience, and/or age.

Muscle For Life, in an ideal world, is the book I should have read first when I knew nothing. The “problem” with BLS was it didn’t have regression options if you could not do the big lifts.

And for sure my body back in 2016 was not ready for the BLS program. Even though I still credit it for starting me on the correct course for my journey, arguably I wasn’t ready for it.

Who is Muscle For Life For?

Muscle For Life is aimed at the 40+ age group, or beginners who need the basics of training and nutrition. You could call it an on-ramp to give you the necessary base leading you into BLS.

As with everything Mike Matthews, the information in here is beautifully detailed and easy to understand. He adds many tools to help you with your journey which can be found on-line if necessary. Although everything you need to know is in the book.

For me and my target audience, being people 40+ who work in offices, this is my new go-to book for recommending. 

The nutrition recommendations are simple and exactly what a beginner/intermediate needs to know. There are no technical terms, no need to weigh or measure food, and just simple basic instructions to follow which I guarantee will bring remarkable results in a very short space of time.

The timeline Mike mentions is “12 weeks to a stronger and fitter you”. This is guaranteed, money back if it does not succeed. Because for sure if you follow these instructions for 12 weeks, you will notice a remarkable change in how you feel and look.

12 Weeks and Beyond

What I love about people like Mike, is their methods set you up for life. He clearly says you will feel fitter and stronger after 12 weeks. But what is somehow left unsaid, is how this drives you forward to keep going and never stop.

Because if you see and feel such positive results after 12 weeks, you want to see how you look after 24 weeks. And believe me, once you have followed a program like this for 24 weeks, you will be desperate to see how you look after 48 weeks.

I think you get my gist here. And this is one of the reasons why I have been able to keep on my journey for all these years. Because it doesn’t matter how many mistakes I make and how many things I do wrong. By following these programs, by continually learning, you progress each and every week, month and year. And there is nothing more encouraging than visually seeing, and physically feeling these results on your body.


Muscle For Life is the starting point for anybody who wants to transform their body and feel better about themselves. It is a one stop shop with everything you need to know about starting your own life changing journey, in an easy to understand format.

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