Book Review: Lifespan; Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To

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By David Sinclair, P.hD

If your goal in life is to live long and healthy, this is the man to follow. David Sinclair’s work into ageing and longevity is ground breaking, with a communication style which is easy to understand and follow.

I first discovered David Sinclair on the Joe Rogan Experience, and also the Lex Fridman podcast in June 2021. Since then I have followed his work diligently and will continue to do so.

When I began my life changing journey back in 2015, one of the reasons I blindly believed that ageing was not necessarily a prerequisite of life, was because of the differences I saw between elderly people in different cultures.

The Western way seemed to be an acceptance of physical and mental decline. Until old age eventually took away your faculties, living the last few years of your life frail and unable to take care of yourself.

The rural Asian way looked very different. When I compared 80 year old’s across the two cultures, the chasm between the two were often phenomenal. In rural Asia, men and women were actively working on the fields, or taking care of their kin and homes, with active and happy social lives. Until one day they would be taken during their sleep not far off 100.

I instinctively knew there was an option to age strongly. I knew it was not necessary to grow old and frail.

And now David Sinclair with his amazing team at Harvard are showing the way, and proving with scientific evidence that this is in fact the case.

Not only that, there is a protocol of inexpensive practices you can use yourself to help stay young, and live an active life into your later years.

The Number One Practice to Expand Healthy Lifespan

Prior to reading the Lifespan book, I listened to the brilliant eight part Lifespan podcast series. Which is further proof that David’s goal is to bring free education regarding longevity to the masses.

In the podcast David already gives his number one free thing to do which will help increase lifespan, and that is; to eat less frequently. This brings the discussion regarding fasting very much to the fore, where he clearly explains the reasons why this practice increases our longevity genes.

What’s more fascinating and groundbreaking is the research his lab has done with yeast. As well as his own anecdotal experiences with himself and his family, using the below supplementation and lifestyle protocols.

The David Sinclair Lifespan Protocol

  • Every morning mixed with a small serving of full fat Greek yoghurt to enhance absorption.
    • 1gm of NMN
    • 1gm of resveratrol
    • 1gm of metformin
  • A daily dose of vitamin D, K and 83mg of aspirin.
  • Strive to keep sugar, bread and pasta intake as close to zero as possible.
  • Only one or two meals per day, with only one of the meals being substantial.
  • Regular analysis of blood biomarkers.
  • Plenty of walking, hitting the gym twice a week, as well as hot/cold exposure through saunas and cold plunge.
  • A diet based primarily around plants. Only eating meat on days of exercise.
  • Don’t smoke. No microwaved plastic. Reduced UV exposure.
  • A good cool sleep at night.
  • Aim to keep BMI at a good level, which for David is around 23.

David is clear to state that he does not endorse any supplements. This is purely his protocol stack based on his in-depth knowledge and research.

As of today I have not yet begun with this protocol. I am waiting a little longer because I have recently changed a few things to my own supplementation practices, which I want to give more time to settle in before I make further changes. But for sure the Davis Sinclair stack of NMN, resveratrol and metformin will soon be added to my daily routine.


If your goal is to live a longer healthier lifespan, to be active and enjoy running around with your grandchildren and great grandchildren, this is the book for you. It clearly explains why this protocol and these formulas work, along with anecdotal true life stories of remarkable recoveries of people who revitalised their life by implementing this protocol.

Five years ago, my target was to live to 100 in a healthy and active way. After reading this book, that target has to be increased to 120. I expect to implement this protocol some time before my 52nd birthday, and will report back on my findings due course.

For now, educate yourself by reading this book and/or listening to the free podcast. Then based on what you have learned, decide for yourself whether you wish to follow Dr. David Sinclair’s work or not. I suspect you will.

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